BY COMPLETING THIS QUESTIONNAIRE YOU CONFIRM THAT YOU PRESCRIBE TO THE FOLLOWING ETHICAL STATEMENT and Acknowledgment of risk, release of liability, indemnification agreement and covenant not to sue

I believe that, as an athlete with high ethical standards, I will train and compete according to the rules and ethics of sport. I believe that athletes should avoid the use of banned substances to prevent potential health risks and I will abide by the purest rules of sport. I am an athlete who competes and trains “clean” and I know that success comes from preparation, tactics and teamwork rather than something that comes in a pill or from a needle. As such I will abide by all the rules of USA Cycling, the UCI, or the United States Olympic Committee depending on jurisdiction.

  • Personal Information

  • Number of hours worked each week
  • small, medium, large
  • US & European if you know it
  • high arch, wide, etc.
  • Waking 3 day average for full 60-second count
  • Highest seen within the last 12 months
  • Health

    If you reply yes to any question please provide details and clearances.
  • Athletic History

  • Current Cycling Commitment (describe what you currently do)
  • Describe your Cycling Hydration, Energy Gel, Food Bar habits
  • Cycling Goals (be specific as possible)

  • Time commitment available to attain your goal (Aim for 9 to 12 hours per week). Provide typical group rides that you can or do participate in.
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