Bike Fitting

fit-truckee Proper bike fit is essential for a comfortable and productive ride. Despite any marketing hype you may have heard there is NO generic method to fit a rider to a bike – trust me I have tried all the software, tools and gadgets on the market! Every bike is different as it must not only be specific for body configuration and flexibility but also for personal preferences and riding style. I specialize in the efficient bike fittings for all levels of riders and offer the following service;

1st session (approximately 1 – 2 hours)

Fit you comfortably within the envelope of a ‘Biomechanically Correct’ bike fit that suits your body parameters, pedaling technique, and riding ability. This is done on your existing bike in your riding gear on a stationary trainer. From this session I will provide you with your ‘Biomechanically Correct’ bike fit, ‘Rami / Sit bone width’, and ‘Shoe and in-sole sizing’ measurements. From these numbers, I can any recommended bike/equipment sizing, components, and configuration changes.

2nd session (approximately 30-60 minutes)

After 5 to 10 saddle hours in your new position (with new equipment if recommended) to discuss and ‘tweak’ the fit

Subsequent sessions (approximately 30-60 minutes)

Subsequent sessions are often necessary as your body adapts to the configuration of your new position (especially if you have changed saddles)

 Cost of Bike Fit

$300 for the complete experience – payable at the 1st appointment

2nd and subsequent sessions – no extra charge for the full 90-day (or longer if necessary) period

Included: Replacement of non-proprietary Stems (even if we change size or angle) plus all spacers, nuts, and bolts, shoe spacers, wedges, etc.

Additional Costs? If your current saddle is not suitable I have a wide range of saddles for test and sale including Cobb, Dash, ErgonFizik, ISM, Selle Italia, SQLabSMP, Specialized and Terry. Incorrect shoe sizes and widths are often the cause of foot problems. As a Lake Cycling Shoe distributor, I can ensure that your shoes are perfect. Adding an after-market in-sole is often necessary and for that, I carry Specialized and SQ Lab Footbeds plus Heat Molded Fizik 3D Flex Insoles.

Important Note:

I aim to complete bike fits within 90 days of the 1st session. During this period, at no extra charge, I will recommend training and nutritional guidelines plus some specific exercises or on-bike training sessions to strengthen any weaknesses I see in your pedaling or riding technique to get you comfortable/efficient on the bike fit/position. I will also offer to assist with equipment and product purchases using my direct purchase power.

Bike fits are completed at my Home/BikeFitStudio at 55 East Yale Loop, Irvine

If you would like a bike fit please fill out this questionnaire.

Quote from Coach Dave

I fit my athletes with a mixture of art and science. There are a lot of different methods out there for specifying bike sizing and fit positions. When you get to the bottom line every scientific and mathematical method of bike fitting is based on averages and generalizations. Even for ‘average’ size riders, generic systems do not provide optimum fit. Whether you fall into young/old, short/tall, big/small, or average rider category taking into account everyone from world champions to weekend tourist riders I will ultimately base your bike fit on my experience and the peculiarities of your body and personal style of riding.