Coaching Packages

  • $300 (per month) Unlimited Access Program
  • $1,000 (per month) Team Coaching

CyberCycleCoach program uses 6 week structured training Mesocycles designed specifically for each athlete around a predetermined annual Macrocycle structure that ALL of our athletes (amateur, semi-professional & professional) follow. This annual structure starts with off-season base fitness, strengthening programs that include detailed gym, core and/or pilates instruction and then progresses to on road power build before early season racing leading to a very specific and scientifically controlled build to achieve best performance for specific peak event/s. Each program is individualized peaking over a period of 3-years.

We are 100% up to date national coaching leaders in the application and use of cycling power measuring devices. All of our athletes need to be computer literate and have approved power measuring devices on all bikes in order to participate in this program. Stand alone power based software is provided for each new athlete i.e. we do not rely on generic internet software such as TrainingPeaks, Strava and Garmin etc. Our athletes need to download power files onto their own computers and then export same to the coaches to analyze – daily if possible but at a minimum at the end of each week. We then provide progress reports identifying strengths/weaknesses, progress and problems plus use the ongoing results for designing future Mesocycles. Depending on circumstances coaching reports (that include power to weight progress, FORM = fitness vs. freshness, etc.) are generated at a minimum weekly but often (especially during taper for peak events) power files are analyzed more often should we feel the need to monitor progress daily.

We communicate primarily by e-mail and text reading and responding to unlimited communication (within reason). We are always available for pre-arranged meetings or telephone calls for questions too complicated for email – it is not unusual to respond to calls during training  session to clarify a workout instruction or problem. We have over 1,000 answers to previously posted frequently asked questions and encourage strong communications. Head Coach Dave Jordaan is ever willing and able to investigate new techniques and research on behalf of our athletes.

The program includes Basal Energy Expenditure nutritional guidelines and recommendations including Body Composition profile and analysis plus a very strong and specific hydration & nutritional protocol for training and racing. We have a field of experts that investigate all the latest ‘magic beans’ and are not afraid to provide the science debunking most of it.

Professional Bike fits are included in our coaching programs including component recommendations and purchasing power. We fit athletes with a mixture of art and science with the ultimate goal of creating the most powerful power train that an athlete can maintain under race conditions. For more on bike fits check out the ‘Bike Fitting’ link at the top of this page that includes recommendations from many satisfied bike fit customers.

CyberCycleCoach programs will train athletes in the use of race preparation, tactics and strategy – we prepare you for racing PRIOR to the event, we attend races at our own discretion so it is not common to see a CyberCycleCoach standing on the sidelines shouting instructions – we expect our athletes to know what to do when they line up to race. We do however expect to be consulted on specific race strategy for each event, especially for peak events. and request event/race results (in predetermined format reports) be called in by athletes immediately after each event.

This program includes an advanced mental toughness training program that has been developed with a world leading Sports Psychology specialist.

We ride locally in Irvine (So. Cal) area. If on the same ride as athletes we coach we will typically try to seek them out and monitor on-bike technique and discuss on-ride issues (general coaching questions must be reserved for more formal communication). It is not unusual to see one of the coaches hiding out of sight watching our athletes train as our philosophy of “train like you race and race like you train” is strictly enforced. All of our local athletes are expected to join our formal organized training rides and clinics in the off-season e.g. weekly 100-mile spin rides in Oct-Dec followed by a weekly climbing series in Jan-Feb – both held on Saturday mornings in SoCal where we can work not only on fitness but also on technical bike handling and pack etiquette skills.

Other CyberCycleCoach benefits include access to a world class Sports Performance Panel that includes Registered Dietitian, Sports Psychologist, Strength & Conditioning Coach plus Medical and Pharmaceutical experts – all leaders in their field.

We have strong purchasing power for most cycling products at distributor level and make them available to athletes at our cost.

As there is a limit to the number of athletes we can each mange personally i.e. without using generic training tools, there is always a waiting list of athletes and we assess application suitability at our own discretion. If this sounds like something that interests you please read my philosophy.